What if your business attracted the perfect audience,
skyrocketed your income and made you feel
completely thrilled while building for you
the freedom you always wanted?

I’m here to tell you that it can!



Does this sound like you?

Are constantly hustling, doing every single thing imaginable,
looking for ways to attract clients into your business?

Do you feel invisible? Knowing that the work you do is incredible,
and not understanding why others can’t see that value, too?

Do you not know how to clearly and effectively define your audience
and it’s keeping you from attracting them into your business?

Do you not know how to pinpoint exactly what makes you unique,
so you have a hard time standing out with so much competition?

Do you secretly know your work is worth more than what you’re charging, but are afraid that if you raise your prices, no one will pay for them?

If you are just starting out, are you confused about what to do and where to begin, with so much conflicting information out there?

Do any of these sound familiar?
You’re in the right place.


now imagine this…

“I’ve been in business for half my life and I have two degrees in Film & Art History with a strong basis in brand building and analysis, and I still learned a TON from this course. Fabi is a natural teacher; the lessons are easy to follow and can be implemented immediately. I have a clearer plan for communicating with my audience in a way that is true to myself and my personality, but cohesive and professional. If you want to be certain that every piece of content, communication, graphic, etc. is ‘on brand’ for you, then you need to take A Brand That Sells asap. Thanks, Fabi!”

– Erika Couto, Intuitive Success Coach


Building a business you love that gets seen, heard + paid

Finally charging what you’re really worth

Knowing exactly what makes you unique, standing out from everyone else

Understanding what your audience really wants and effortlessly attracting them into your business

Positioning yourself as the number one, hands-down, no-contest,
I-can’t-wait-to-get-started option for your audience
(even if you’re just starting out)

Clearly communicating who you are, what you do and the immense value you offer and getting paid to do what you were meant to do

Exploding your income and building a business that sells


That is EXACTLY what you will be able to do
by the time you complete A Brand that Sells

A Brand that Sells is my step-by-step course
where I’ll teach you everything
you need to know in order to transform your business from invisible
into a powerful brand that attracts.

I am actually loving what is possible for me. You would not believe how doing what you teach in A Brand that Sells has shifted me in what I say when I am networking. I tried it out and I now have traction that is very different from ever before. For that I am so grateful!
– Kevin Duhn


Before building the foundations of my own brand I was…

Hustling. A lot. I was completely stuck in scarcity mode. Feeling terrible about myself. Impostor syndrome? Yup, definitely. I had it. I didn’t know what made me unique, where I would be able to find my ideal audience and how I could stand out with so. much. competition. out there.

Was I always going to feel this invisible and undervalued?

So I decided to apply some of my own medicine to my own business.
You see, I’ve been a Branding Specialist for over 10 years. I have helped HUNDREDS of others build extremely powerful and successful brands. I have an MBA and have done dozens of courses and programs on branding and business.

What happened was nothing
short of remarkable

In 6 short months, I was able to increase my income by 1011%
(yes, one thousand and eleven — that’s not a typo)
I started getting booked months in advance
People started looking at me as the branding and design expert
I started feeling valued, respected and visible!


Meet Paloma
A kickass Confident Communication Strategist that was blown away by A Brand that Sells and how comprehensive it is regardless of if you are a beginner or know a lot about branding. In her experience, applying these techniques brought her remarkable recognition, letting her presence show what she’s about as a personal brand and entrepreneur.


Ready to jump in? Let me tell you what’s included

Lifetime Access to All 6 Modules
Support + Feedback + Accountability in Our Private Facebook Community
Tons of Actionable Workbooks

I thought I had my business concept pinned down well on paper, but when people asked what I do, I found myself bumbling over my own words. A Brand that Sells helped me better understand my brand’s purpose and mission so I could communicate better with my audience. Having taken A Brand that Sells teaches you how to find the voice of your brand and how to own it”

– Jill Pavich, Owner, edPionner Consulting

Let’s take a look at the incredible things you will learn in each of the modules:

Module 1: Your Brand Foundation

Establish your real purpose for being in business. Discover your true why. Inspire your audience through a killer elevator pitch. Determine the values associated with your brand.

Module 2: Your Unique Selling Proposition

You’ll be able to identify exactly what makes you completely unique and different from everyone else. We’ll evaluate your brand DNA and story in order to identify what makes you stand out and understand your competitive advantage.

Module 3: Your Audience

You will finally be able to completely understand and determine who your ideal audience is. We will not only evaluate their demographics and psychographics in detail, but also reveal how to discover where they are and determine their main pain points. This is one of the most powerful modules in this course.

Module 4: Your Positioning

The one thing that differentiates successful businesses from those that fail is positioning. You will find the most effective way to communicate your value and package yourself as the best option for your audience.

Module 5: Your Brand Voice

This is where it all comes together. You will discover the archetype (personality) of your brand and determine how to develop a tone and voice that are authentic to your business.

Module 6: Your Brand Strategy

Here’s where you learn the steps you need to take in order to sell your brand effectively

Bonus #1: Your Brand Identity | Valued at $97

Discover logo types and options you haven’t ever considered! What makes a logo great. The true meaning behind colors and the types of fonts you should be using for your brand identity.

Bonus #2: Your Brand Experience | Valued at $97

Understand the true goals of your website and what it needs to have right now in order to convert at higher rates. Know what pages your website needs to have.


It was amazing being able to pull every aspect of my brand and form it into something so clear. I absolutely love my positioning and got goosebumps when I read it…that is EXACTLY the feel I was going for!

– Kayla Bree, Mindset Coach

Looking for extra special bonuses? You got it!
if you enroll before midnight PST on June 23rd
you get these extra special bonuses too


Do you not know what you need to be doing on social media? What platform is the best for you? What you need to share on each of them? What are the best times to share? You will get a complete guide to creating a clear strategy for your brand on social media


You will get over 100 color combinations that you can instantly use for your own brand. These are separated according to brand personality and style.


Here you find out exactly what type of content is the most effective and share-worthy to produce results. You will also understand the secret behind the biggest brands in the world.


If you are completely just starting out, this guide is perfect for you. It will give you a clear set-by-step process for finding the right name for your business.


And if you pay in full, you get this INCREDIBLE offer too!


A 60-minute 1:1 coaching call with me personally. Where we will go over ALL of the details of your business: your values, how to differentiate yourself, who your audience is, how to position yourself, the best way to communicate with your audience and your strategies moving forward. I mean EVERYTHING. We will carve out a plan that will help you in building this incredible brand that sells!


A 20-30 minute video review of your website. We will look at all the details of your website: Copy, layout, design, opt-in, funnel, photos, design, fonts, colors…everything! And I will give you tips on how to improve conversions and attract more people. Imagine how much money you could save with this!


You have 2 choices here:

You could keep trying to figure this out on your own (which could take you years like it took me)


You could use my strategies, knowledge and skills to get massive results in a matter of weeks.

Think about where you envision your brand to be a year from now

…or even 6 months from now.

Do you know what will get you there?

You can use the step-by-step program I teach in A Brand that Sells to help you transform your business from invisible into a powerful brand that attracts.

What will you choose?


Fabi digs deep when teaching about a business’ mission and is instrumental to helping surface personal brand positioning, leveraging key strengths that are brought to life through branding.

– Danila Sigal, Composer, Author and TED Speaker

Now, who is this Badass that created this program?
Hola, I’m Fabi Paolini

Fabi Paolini I help entrepreneurs transform their passions into unique brands that attract. I have spent over 10 years working with hundreds of businesses by building their brands form the inside out: unearthing what makes them unique, discovering the most brilliant ways to position themselves, and then designing a beautiful logo, complete with a “can’t-look-away” website that actually converts. I currently live in Miami, Florida, where I’m building a successful business with a toddler on my lap #mompreneur while listening to my famous Latin Pop star husband sing all day long.

But things weren’t always so amazing. I built a successful business in Venezuela (where I’m originally from), but had to relocate my business to the US and pretty much start from scratch with NO connections, NO leads, NO power. I felt frustrated and scared, not knowing how I would be able to make things work for my business.

But, after applying the strategies I teach in A Brand that Sells, my business completely transformed. By the middle of 2016, I was making 1011% more than I was making nearly months before.

So, whether you are just starting out (or restarting like me) or have been in business for years, A Brand that Sells will become the course that changes everything for you.


Not sure if A Brand that Sells is right for you?
I’m giving you a full month to put the course into action.
I’m offering this policy because I know you are going to LOVE the results you see from A Brand that Sells and I want you to see
how game changing this course can be, without any risk.
Now, if you do want a refund, you’ll have to show me that you’ve done the work and I will happily give you a full refund within 30 days



I’ve been in business for a while, do I need A Brand that Sells? 
Of course you do! I’m offering you real systems and advanced strategies that you can implement in your business. I’m extremely comprehensive and strategic, so you will have the opportunity to refine and improve your brand in order to bring in the income you deserve.

I’m just staring out, is A Brand that Sells for me?
Absolutely! I will take you through a very detailed process that will lead you to build your brand completely so that you can start building a business that sells!

There’s a marketing course that I’m interested in taking,
should I take this course first?
Totally! Trust me, I took dozens of courses and until I got this right, none of the marketing tactics and strategies worked for me. The reason for this is that you want to make sure that before you start or continue investing in other courses, you are very clear on who you are, what your audience wants, how to position yourself and how to communicate with them. Until you do this, you are going to be all over the place. Once you get this right, every single one of those other programs you take will be a smarter investment because you will have a stronger and more effective message that attracts more people.

How long do I have access to this course once I purchase it?
Forever! Register for A Brand that Sells once and you’ll have lifetime access to the course materials, which will be continuously updated with any new strategies, videos and course materials.

What format is the course delivered in?
The course materials are shared in video content and workbooks. So, whether you prefer to read, write, watch or listen to the content, you will be covered.

Could I find this information for free online?
You can find just about anything online these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legitimate or good. One of the reasons that I created this course is that I found information that was so irrelevant and outdated I couldn’t even believe it. Branding is not something that just anyone can teach, I have more than 10 years of experience and wisdom, an MBA and dozens of courses to back up my knowledge.


It’s your time to shine and stand out.

If you want to transform your business
from invisible into a powerful brand that attracts,
then A Brand that Sells is the step-by-step system
you need to make it happen.

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